Antennae trail and treasure hunt

See, feel, smell

Antennae trail
Walk of 2km around the Nieuwenhoven castle.

This trail takes you to flowery gardens and a fairy tale pond, meadows and castle grounds. The senses will be stimulated: see, feel, smell and listen to what the rich nature and the animals have to offer. Meet the alpacas, they are real heartbreakers.

Open from March 19 till October 31. Free entrance. Walking map with information available for 2,5 euro.

More: http://www.kasteelnieuwenhoven.be/activiteiten/voelsprietenpad-kasteel-nieuwenhoven

Treasure hunt
for children aged 6-12

Open from March 19 till October 31. Free entrance, treasure map (dutch) with orders available for 6,5 euro.

More: http://www.kasteelnieuwenhoven.be/activiteiten/schattenzoektocht-voor-kinderen-2/

Engelbamp 57, Sint-Truiden


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