Fruit experience

Blue sky, just a few clouds in the air and the smell of freshly mowed grass. Spring! Do you feel the warmth of the first ray of sunshine on your skin? This is the moment to step outside and let yourself be seduced by the blossoming spectacle. Relax in one of the blossom lounges or visit a blossom market with local products… in Sint-Truiden, all this is possible. Check the blossom indicator below to see the progress of the blossoms.

Are you planning a visit in the fall? The blossoms will be transformed into blushing apples, juicy pears and delicious sweet cherries. Start salivating!

Seize the day in Haspengouw!

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Blossom festival

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Winery Gloire de Duras

Winery Kitsberg

Winery Marsnil

Market with local products

Harvest festival

Blossom activities

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