Fruit companies

Sint-Truiden is the capital of Haspengouw. Who wouldn’t want to be able to enjoy the beautiful blossom landscapes in the spring and taste the delicious fresh fruits grown in their own region in the autumn. Fruit is the gold of Haspengouw!

Be sure to stop by to visit a local fruit company. During a fascinating tour of the company you will learn everything about the process from blossom to fruit.

Assurez-vous de vous arrêter pour visiter une entreprise fruitière locale.

Au cours d’une visite fascinante de l’entreprise, vous apprendrez tout sur le processus, de la fleur au fruit. You can look, but don’t touch! An apple, fresh from the tree, particularly tempting during a walk or bike ride. To admit to this, however, is to intervene in one’s work or income. Buy your fresh fruit along the road at a fruit stand or vending machine.

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