Sint-Truiden is the capital of Haspengouw and is called ‘The City of Fruit’. Every local is proud to hear that. It’s is a privilege to enjoy the beautiful blossom landscapes in the spring, and taste the delicious fresh fruits in the summer and the fall. Sint-Truiden breaths fruit, it’s the Gold Of Haspengouw!

Each year in April, Haspengouw transforms into one big blossom sea. During this period, there are a lot of ‘fruity’ activities and events in Sint-Truiden. Relax and smell the enchanting aroma of the blossoms in the spring and the fresh fruit in the harvest time. Taste the local products or visit a Fruit Company.

We invite you for a stay in our ‘City of Fruit’. You will never forget the hospitality of all the local people of Sint-Truiden!

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