Fruity visits

Behind the scenes

A juicy piece of fruit has three important ingredients: a lot of work, love and dedication. Every year, Haspengouw fruit growers ensure that we can enjoy all that fruity goodness at any time. Would you like to know everything about the process from blossom to fruit and are you curious how a fruit grower goes about his work? Then be sure to come and listen to their enthusiastic story on their farm or among the orchards and vineyards. Afterwards, you will get the chance to taste the regional products they talk about so passionately.

Check out the different fruit farms below to see when you can go for a fruity visit.

Don't miss out

‘Gezond van bij Ons’ | Fancy Fruit

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Regalys Asparagus

Winery Marsnil

Winery Gloire de Duras

Winery Kitsberg

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