Jardin du Commandeur

Jardin du Commandeur

Be welcome to enjoy a generous amount in the summer bar “Jardin du Commandeur” in the shadow of Ordingen Castle. The hotspot par excellence to relax in a wonderful environment. Summer has a lot in store for us. 

Les amis de l’Apéro

Relaxing after a busy work week? Every Friday, Jardin Du Commandeur, in collaboration with St-Germain Spritz and the local Opfyr chef Pascal Windmolders, organizes the “Les amis de l’apéro”. Enjoy a snack and a drink at Jardin Du Commandeur.

There are many fun events on the agenda, from midweek cycling to a real dog walk. Come and discover it quickly at Jardin du Commandeur.

Go to www.jardinducommandeur.be for more information.

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