Local products

Anyone travelling in Haspengouw can feel this region’s passion for authentic, pure flavours. Dedicated local producers turn their freshly grown ingredients into delicious juices, traditional syrups, soft jams. Visit our local produce shop to discover our local delicacies.

You can find some local products below, most of them are sold in our shop with local products.

Don't miss out

Haspengouw gins

Jonapress juices and jenever

PIPO apple juices | Fruit company Porreye

‘Gezond van bij Ons’ | Fancy Fruit


‘De Keukenkoets’ jams

Kerkom Brewery

Wilderen brewery and distillery

Regalys Asparagus

Gimo coffee roasting company

Winery Kitsberg

Winery Gloire de Duras

‘t Kadeeke

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