Blossom blessing

Every year at the end of the month of April, the blossoms of Haspengouw and Sint-Truiden are blessed to ensure a rich harvest. This tradition has been around for 68 years and is held at the idyllic Guvelingen Church site. Not only blossoms are blessed during these festivities, also tractors and other machines that aid in agricultural activities as well as pet animals and cyclists receive their blessing. Apart from the blessing, various other activities are held at the Guvelingen Church venue and the city centre of Sint-Truiden.

Farmers gather with their farm utility vehicles at the Marketplace located in the city centre. Then they gather at the local school of Agriculture to have their vehicles blessed.

Other activities are situated at the Guvelingen Church: a local product fair, children’s entertainment and much more…

Sunday April 28 start at 1:00 PM till 06:00 PM.

Address: Guvelingen 33, Sint-Truiden

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