Blossom indicator

When will the first blossom flowers show up?

The mild weather of the last days has a big influence on the blossom flowers. We show you the evolution of the blossoms below.

According to PC Fruit, recognized as center of excellence in fruit research, the pear orchards will show their first flowers around 2 April. One week later, around April 8, the trees will be in full bloom.

Sweet Cherry (full bloom):
Lapins: 5/04
Kordia: 10/4
Regina: 14/04

Pear Conference:
First flowers: 3-4/04
Full bloom: 8-9/04

Apple Jonagold:
First flowers: 12/04
Full bloom: 18-19/04

Off course, weather conditions can have a big influence on this forecast.

CHERRY TREE                                                  PEAR TREE                                                     APPLE TREE

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