Kerkom-bij-Sint-Truiden & Bevingen

Legendary castles and delicious regional products

South of the city, the Cicindria Creek twists through the sloping Dry-Haspengouw hills. Kerkom-by-Sint-Truiden and Bevingen are located in the middle of this glamorous landscape: these villages invite you to go on long walks, taste local beers and admire one of the many castles.




2019/04/19: Camping under the blossoms at Fruit company Pipo.
2019/04/7,14,28: Blossomlounge PIPO
2019/05/05: Blossomlounge PIPO
2019/08/15: Funfair Kerkom
2019/08/16,17,18: Binkfests brewery Kerkom
2019/09/22: Funfair Bevingen

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Kerkom Brewery

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