Aalst & Brustem

Vast fields and new technology

On the border of Dry and Wet Haspengouw you find Aalst-bij-Sint-Truiden and Brustem. Here, agriculture, fruit growing and history are combined with innovating industry. Peaceful villages, natural sources and vast fields are fused with Droneport, a modern industrial site, in which we invest in the future: drone technology.


  • The open grass field at the fortress tower in Brustem offers an ideal place to stop for a picnic. Also, you can exercise yoga, while enjoying the green surroundings.
  • Tavern Winston: a nice stop when biking
  • Spending the night: Hotel Belrom
  • Wellness + B&B Rikkeshoeve Aalst
  • Biking café Den hof
  • Trudo biking queste: let your imagination create a queste for knights and princesses



2019/03/17: Funfair Aalst
2019/06/16: Funfair Brustem
2019/08/10-12: “Brustem bruist” (fair and music on the village square)
2019/09/08: Funfair Aalst

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