Fruity visits

Guided tour of Haspengouw

A tour with your own bus through Haspengouw. Along the way you will discover the most beautiful monuments and landscapes of Haspengouw. Picturesque church villages, mighty castles and square farms. A guide will explain these sights along the way. You can combine this tour with a visit to a fruit company.

Duration: 3 hours

Fruit Company ‘Gezond van bij Ons’

Luc and Agnes welcome you to their environmentally friendly fruit company. They grow tasty and healthy fruit here with a passion for their profession. They use this to produce authentic mustard, jam and recognized regional products. Taste their homemade apple juice and receive a fruit package.

Duration: 2 hours
5 euros p.p. + guide fee

Fruit Company PIPO

This dynamic family business processes its environmentally-friendly fruits into delicious PIPO juices, low-sugar preserves, syrup and elder syrups. The PIPO train connects the fruit company with the processing company, two companies with one soul. Every visit is concluded with a pleasant tasting.

Formula 1: company visit with tasting (> 32 pers.): 9 euros p.p.
Formula 2: company visit with tasting (10-32 pers.): 180 euros
Formula 3: company visit with tasting, coffee and cake (> 32 pers.): 14 euros p.p.
Formula 4: company visit with tasting, coffee and cake (<32 pers.): 16 euros p.p.

Fruit Company Jorishoeve

The Jorishoeve was founded in 1854, in the meantime the fifth generation is working in both arable farming and fruit growing. In every season Elfi guides you through the beautiful orchards in the idyllic village of Boekhout in the heart of Haspengouw. She tells fascinating stories in a live setting. On arrival you can enjoy an apple juice or pear jenever.

Duration: 2 hours
5 euros p.p.

Duras castle and winerie Gloire de Duras

Discover the secrets of the castle and its walled vineyards, ‘Gloire de Duras’. The tour ends with a delicious tasting session.

Duration: 3 hours
Castle: 10 euros p.p. + guide fee (groupes min. 25 – max. 30 peoples / min. 250 euros)
Winery Gloire: 15 euros p.p. including 3 tastings)

Only on weekdays from 1/3 to 15/8.

PC fruit – Fruit Testing Center

The Fruit Testing Center is an internationally recognized fruit growing research center. It is the place, in the heart of the fruit region, where scientific research, demonstration of fruit growers, individual company information … come together. This knowledge center also includes 58 hectares of hard and soft fruit testing grounds.

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